misandry is so non-existent as an issue that it isn’t even recognized as a legitimate word.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.

You know what else isn’t a word?  Transphobia.  Ableism.  Pansexual.  Genderqueer.  Womyn.  Cis/Cisgender.  Transmisogyny.  Multisexual. 

Now please, go discuss amongst your fellow feminists and SJWs how none of those are real things either.

no thanks :]
you can go spread your bigotry elsewhere, we’re not interested.

Fuck me for applying your own logic, right?

yeah, you “used my logic against me” but guess what friend
you’re the one who looks like a dickweed right now.
you can go ahead and say “those aren’t real words” all you want but what i actually said is that misandry is non-existent as an issue. that was the point.
you can’t throw your straw men at me and expect me not to notice.
you can go now.

Ok then, allow me to rephrase:

By your logic, transphobia, ableism, and transmisogyny are non-existent as issues.  Likewise, people who identify as pansexual, multisexual, genderqueer, or womyn can’t really have issues because those things are non-existent since spell-check doesn’t recognize them.  The only reason you think I look like a “dickweed” is because I pointed out a glaring hole in your logic.  Which I will gladly do any day.










Rape, By The Numbers.

everyone needs to see this graphic



I linked this to my guy friends who always use the excuse of “What about the false reports? It’s not fair that innocent men are accused of a crime they didn’t commit”

2 out of 1000. 0.02% Of all rapes are false.


That math is wrong. 2/1000=0.2%

This whole thing is wrong.  

  1. The “falsely accused” should be in the “reported” category”, as it is a subset. Of the “reported but not accused”, and “faced trial but not jailed”, at least some of those should also be included in the “falsely accused” group. 

    This is like the recent problem in my stats class, where 200 adults were surveyed, and 110 drank coffee, 50 drank tea, and 90 drank cola.  The key is that there’s overlap in the groups, and this chart doesn’t represent that. 

  2. Claiming that huge number as the number of rapists is purely speculation.  If only so many are reported, then what supports the claim that there are something like eight times that number that actually happen? 

  3. The overall design of the chart is bad.  Since the category represented uses two units, and all other categories are divisible by two, it visually inflates the numbers, where a more accurate representation would show smaller groups.  Not factually wrong, but it plays off people’s perceptions, and show that the purpose of this is emotional influence rather than objective reporting.

Also, though the debunking states the false claims to be from 2-8%, there are a lot of studies showing it to be anywhere from 2-28%

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leave it to tumblr to spread false bullshit while actual factual posts get little to no notes

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Many people saw this photo on the internet and made fun of the “dairy” cow by calling her “stupid” but no one has wondered why she would leave the huge, lush, green pasture behind her and climb over a fence. The cow in the photo is a “first-calf heifer” trying to find her stolen baby. These first time mothers will do literally anything to get to their babies. 

A cow will continue to grow physically until she is 3-4 but a “dairy” cow is forcibly impregnated when she is only 15 months old and has her first calf when she is 2. A 2 year old cow is a teenager and will still be playful. 

The term “first-calf heifer” is used very frequently in the dairy industry and refers to a cow who has had her first baby. The dairy industry uses the word “heifer” instead of “cow” to describe these first time mothers because they are yet to reach their full mature cow size.

Having not experienced the systematic loss of her babies yet thus very hopeful and ambitious, a “first-calf heifer” will be extremely determined to find and get to her stolen baby that she will literally do anything. This includes crawling over fences, breaking out of fields and walking for miles. To avoid this from happening, dairy farmers try to make their fencing escape-proof with hot electric fence, electric wire strands, steel panels, sturdy barbed/page wires.

actually by the look of her she is older that 15 months, maybe 2- 2 1/2 years. And by the look of her udders she hasn’t recently had a calf, she is getting ready for her first breeding, her udders look big because she’s a jersey cow, and they are breed as dairy cows thus having larger udders.
If she is a ‘pasture cow’ then she will most likely be bred with the bull that is also in pasture whenever the bull is ‘felling like it’ heifers don’t get impregnated any earlier on dairy farms than they would in a herd. Yes at 2 they are still young, but they have reached sexual maturity, humans are the only species that are looked down upon for having offspring at sexual maturity.

We don’t refer to them as first time heifers, a heifer is cattle that haven’t given birth, it doesn’t matter what size they are. Farmers I know call them first time calfers, or just cows.

Most of the cows I’ve seen just call out for a few days after their calf is taken. Some do try to escape, but farmers don’t use ‘hot electric fence’ it could damage their udders if they get burnt on a hot electric fence, maybe low vault electric fence, but not hot. barbed wire is use a lot, but if you have steel panels (which is hard to fence a whole pasture with steel panels) they normally cant get out. this heifer most likely got scared by a coyote or a dog, possibly another cow jumped the fence and she tried to follow.

Everything I would have said if I’d found this first. I’ll only add that cattle have a habit of seeing something they want in another field and going hard for it. Hence the greener pasture saying. I have seen more than ‘first calf heifers’ stick themselves on fences like this because they got focused on trying to get to what they think might be sweeter feed across the road.

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Trying to explain the idea of being an otherkin to your parents  is harder then asking your best friend to stop sitting on your invisible tail. At least my therapist understands. She let’s me run around with my tail on in public, understands when I have to cover my ears when people whistle, and my face pressing up against the glass when I’m watching the foxes at the zoo. (and when I sit there for hours, crying when we leave.)

"Sitting on your invisible tail"

If your response to a woman who says she doesn’t need feminism



is to blow up in an uncontrollable rage, you have a serious problem with controlling your impulses. No really.

If you think that the mere label of “feminist” entitles you to become abusive and possessive of other women’s thoughts, then you are the problem here.

Let’s get something straight:

YOU DON’T OWN ANY WOMAN’S MIND just because you are a self-styled “feminist”.

YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ABUSE WOMEN merely because your opinion was not forced down another woman’s throat.

Go get some anger control professional help Tumblr Feminists. I’m serious. Many of you act like the abusive men you complain about.







I will reblog this until the stars burn out……

white people are very brave when it comes to terrorizing black children who do not have the power to fight back. and are very surprise when someone comes to their defense.

I will reblog until I die.

You realise this man has down’s syndrome, right? Maybe do ten minutes of research before you assume things.

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Just touch these two strands together and the Daleks are finished. Have I that right?

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light + dark | doctor who 50th anniversary trailer

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